Eagles news: Philadelphia trolls Orlando Scandrick for his critical comments of Malcolm Jenkins
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Eagles troll Orlando Scandrick for his critical comments of Malcolm Jenkins

Orlando Scandrick, Malcolm Jenkins

On Friday, free agent cornerback Orlando Scandrick took shots at the Philadelphia Eagles, who released him earlier in the week. From general manager Howie Roseman to safety and captain Malcolm Jenkins, Scandrick did not mince words. It appears that the Eagles social media team isn’t either.

Hours after Scandrick ripped into the Eagles, Philly posted a telling video of Jenkins mic’d up on Twitter. In the video, Scandrick is caught lauding the leadership of Jenkins.

“Let’s just say, where there’s smoke, there’s fire,” Scandrick said on FS1 when asked about rumors of a not-so-happy Philly locker room on FSI. “That locker room is different. I’d tell guys when I came there that I felt like they were still living off that Super Bowl high. It’s over. They’re living in the past.”

Scandrick, 32, was released after the Dallas Cowboys torched the Eagles defense. He previously spent 10 years with the Cowboys after the team drafted him in the fifth round of the 2008 NFL Draft.

Scandrick feels as if he is the scapegoat of the Eagles’ most recent loss. He also took shots directly at Jenkins.

“I think when you wear a C on your jersey, it’s your job to bring guys along. It’s your job. Sometimes you need to take the hard down, you need to take the hard job and you need to bring the thing together. I don’t know if that’s the case,” said Scandrick.

“You look at everything that happened,” continued Scandrick. “You hold out for a contract. You come in. You’re not really making any plays, like splash plays. Then you go down to Minnesota and you’re supposed to be in the half of the field and you end up playing a crosser? That’s not a rookie we’re talking about. It’s a two-time Super Bowl champ.”

While Scandrick said all of that on national television, he wouldn’t tell that to Jenkins’ face. In fact, as indicated by the clip, he would laud him and his leadership. Interesting.