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Eagles video: Carson Wentz puts on the moves with an incredible scramble and throw

Carson Wentz, Eagles

Carson Wentz is the Philadelphia Eagles starting quarterback. He also just so happens to be a wizard. The Atlanta Falcons witnessed that in their “Sunday Night Football” matchup.

In the fourth quarter, on third and nine, Wentz, somehow, someway, got himself out of a sack, then, as another Falcons defender was closing in one a tackle, got the ball out to his receiver, Mack Hollins.

You’re a wizard, Carson. Or, you can dub him a magician. Either works.

While Wentz was able to get out of hits, he wasn’t able to lead the Eagles to a come from behind win, despite his admirable efforts to do so. The Falcons won the game 24-20, capped off by a Julio Jones 54-yard touchdown with 2:20 seconds left. Before then, Wentz ran in a one-yard touchdown then two-point conversion to put Philly up with 3:16 left.

Wentz finished the game going 25 for 43 (58.1% completion rate) for 231 yards, two total touchdowns, and two interceptions. It was far from one of his best performances, and that’s likely due to the injury he sustained. In the first half, Wentz suffered an apparent rib ailment. Josh McCown briefly filled in, going 3 for 5 for 24 yards in the process.

The Eagles suffered countless injuries in the game, including to Wentz. Wide receivers DeSean Jackson and Alshon Jeffery both didn’t finish the game. Though tight end Zach Ertz did, he suffered an injury that set him back down the line. All in all, Wentz’s wizardry wasn’t enough to beat the hungry Falcons in Atlanta.