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Epic Michael Jordan card flex at National would make any collector’s jaw drop

Michael Jordan cards

For most NBA card collectors, Chicago Bulls legend Michael Jordan is the one and only GOAT to this very day. While LeBron James and Kobe Bryant come close, the reputation His Airness built in the hobby has been growing stronger throughout the decades. A good point that proves this stand is how prominent graded Michael Jordan rookie cards were during the recent National.

In a video shared by Cardporn, a total of 13 slabbed 1986 Fleer Michael Jordan rookie cards with a PSA 10 grade were on display at The National. These cards were positioned by Probstein in a spot near the venue’s entrance so the attendees could see them right away.

According to the post, the collective value of all these cards amounted to $5 million dollars. All things considered, that’s a lot of money for a few slabbed cards. Nevertheless, this display of insane bangers goes to show the immense popularity of both the hobby and Jordan himself.

Heading over to eBay, the most expensive slabbed Michael Jordan rookie card at the moment is one with a PSA 7 grade. That particular grail card notched a $7,000 price when it was sold at the start of June. Doing the math, a PSA 10 graded copy will demand quite more than that figure on the market.

Over on the quantity side of things, PSA reports that there are around 20,105 graded 1986 Michael Jordan rookie cards as of now. By doing a quick search using the grading company’s population report feature, it was found out that there are 319 PSA 10s, 2,806 PSA 9s, and 3,698 PSA 7s, the most numerous out of all the grades. The others achieved grades of PSA 1 to 6.

The 13 displayed by Probstein at The National were definitely included in that PSA 10 population report. This goes to show that even if there are other PSA 10 Jordan rookie cards out there, the popularity of both the card and player on it will always generate a strong demand.