Ernie Johnson beat Charles Barkley in 3-point shooting contest
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Ernie Johnson beat Charles Barkley in 3-point shooting contest

Ernie Johnson

Charles Barkley ate his own words on Tuesday night when he took on his colleague and fellow Inside The NBA analyst, Ernie Johnson. Johnson challenged Chuck to a 3-point shooting contest after Barkley had made fun of Johnson’s shooting because he is a “grandpa,” as Chuck put it.

The two each shot five times from four different spots on the floor. Going into the contest, you would’ve thought that Barkley had the advantage as he played in the NBA for 16 seasons. But Barkley only shot 28% from 3-point range and we had never seen Ernie’s shot.

When it was all said and done, Chuck’s statements had backfired on him. Ernie shot a respectable 10-of-20 while Barkley only made 7-of-20. Chuck lost so badly that Ernie could’ve not taken his last five shots and he still would have won.

Chuck was a humble loser, however, walking up to Ernie while speechless that he just lost to a “grandpa.”

Fortunately for Charles Barkley, he gets paid for his outlandish comments and interesting personality. Not his 3-point shooting ability.

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