BattleState Games head Nikita Buyanov recently announced that Escape from Tarkov will soon be parting ways with two of its features: barter and examine.

The announcement came via a post on the game’s subreddit. Nikita (u/trainfender) had this to say:

guys. we decided to remove barter options in flea (you will be able to set as reqs only money)

and we decides to remove item examination

cheers for that!

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For those unfamiliar with these features, let me give a short explanation. Upon reaching level 15, players gain access to the game’s Flea Market. In the Flea Market, players can buy and sell “found-in-raid” items. Players can either ask for money, or for items via bartering. For example, a player can choose to barter a keycard with an Intelligence folder, which is pretty expensive.

The examine feature, on the other hand, has players examing items they have not encountered yet. For example, if a player has never seen an MDR assault rifle before, it will appear blacked out and have gray and black lines over it. Normally, during the start of each wipe, players will spend a good 20-30 minutes of their time examing everything in the shop just to know what certain items are.

While the examine feature may seem like a somewhat small change in Escape from Tarkov, it actually has a big impact. Examining items gives players exp, and examining every item sold by the traders actually gives players enough experience to reach level 2. With the removal of item examination, players will have to do a quick run to level up to 2 and receive some of the early quests.

As for barter, quite a lot of players are actually supportive of the idea. A lot of quests in Escape from Tarkov require door keys. Because of its high demand, some players put up quest keys for barter, asking for more expensive keys in return. Sometimes they even ask for items that are extremely rare, even rarer than the quest key. Others are also saying that this will put down RMT practices in the game. Whatever the reason may be, this does seem like a good change.

Nikita did not put a date on when these changes will take place. Chances are it will arrive in the next patch at the earliest, and in the next wipe at the latest.

That’s all the information we have about the removal of the barter and examine features in Escape from  Tarkov. For more gaming news from us, you can check out our gaming news articles.