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Evan Fournier is not happy with own NBA 2K17 appearance

Evan Fournier

The new upcoming game, NBA 2K17, is taking the world by storm. Everyone seemed happy with it, until last night.

Evan Fournier tweeted to 2K wanting to see his screenshot and in game rating. The game giant did deliver and provided the screenshot below. Most people would be highly concerned about their rating over anything else, but this wasn’t the case here.

Upon seeing the screenshot, Fournier took twitter to ask what is wrong with his avatar.

It wasn’t long until the first shots were fired by fans. But he threw some warnings to prevent the upcoming heat.

Apparently, coming from officials within 2K, there was a confusion due to the high volume of screenshots handed out and there will be an update on the screenshot by Monday. But as far as where Evan Fournier puts his priorities, it’s all about his man bun over his rating.

Next week, we will know if Fournier will be happy with his in-game avatar. Until then, we know social media users will jump on this opportunity. Both 2K and Fournier should prepare themselves for some classic internet roasting coming their way.

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