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Every known tattoo on Andre Iguodala’s body

Andre Iguodala is most known for his memorable stint with the Golden State Warriors between 2013 and 2019. During that span, the 6-foot-6 swingman established himself as one of the most important players on that historic dynasty squad, playing a crucial role for the Dubs in all three of their title-winning seasons.

Today we get to know Iguodala from another perspective — his tattoos. As they say, a man’s tattoo tells you a lot about that individual, and the same cannot be more true about Iguodala himself. So let’s get started.

First off, Andre Iguodala has a tattoo on each of his wrists. Inscribed on them are the names “Linda” and “Joyce.”

Andre Iguodala

Andre Iguodala

Iguodala was born in Springfield, Illinois on January 28, 1984. His mother’s name is Linda Joyce Shanklin. Andre has an older brother, Frank, who also played basketball competitively in college. Both Andre and Frank were raised by their mother, Joyce, and this obviously had a huge impact on Andre’s life. Andre and Joyce are very close, and he chose to commemorate everything his mother has don for him by getting her names permanently inked on his body, in a place where he is able to see them all the time.

At the age of 18, Iguodala got another tattoo on his right arm. While it is not very clear in the photo below, the tat features a self-portrait of himself standing in front of the Capitol Building in Springfield. It even has the statement “The City is Mine” right below the image.

Andre Iguodala

At that time, Iguodala was already making his name in the world of basketball. It seemed that he had an aura of invincibility at that time and that he pretty much felt like he owned the city (which is exactly what he had inked on his arm).

Iguodala came to regret this decision later on and decided to cover the tattoo. Below is an image of his arm right before he finally moved on from his rather self-absorbed musings as a teenager.

Andre Iguodala

Below we were able to dig up an old clip of Iguodala discussing his intention to get the aforementioned tattoo removed. He also took some time to describe the other tats he had at that time.

Iguodala decided to cover the old Capitol tattoo with a huge feather pattern piece.

Andre Iguodala

That’s quite an upgrade. It is clear that Iguodala was making so much more money at the time of the cover-up tattoo, with the quality on both pieces not even comparable.

On Iguodala’s left arm, he has a tattoo own initials, “AI,” with a flame background. That’s pretty straightforward, and not much analysis is needed to interpret this tat’s meaning. Except maybe that he’s fire.

Andre Iguodala

Much like majority of NBA players, Iguodala seemed to have grown a certain liking for body ink. Later on in his career he decided to get a full chest tattoo — his biggest one to date.

Iguodala himself shared a photo of himself on Instagram revealing a rather lengthy text on his right chest/sternum, accompanied by some roman numerals on the opposite side.

Andre Iguodala

Unfortunately, it is impossible to decipher his text tattoo. They’re just too small on the image he posted.

As for the roman numerals, the one at the bottom reads “MMVII” or the year 2007, which was when his son, Andre Tyler II was born. Above it is “MMXIII,” which is 2013 — the year when he met his wife, Christina Gutierrez.