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Lou Williams

Every known tattoo on Lou Williams’ body

The perennial sixth man of the year candidate, Lou Williams, sports quite the collection of tattoos. To be brutally honest, it’s a total nightmare to actually count each and every one of his tattoos. He has inked virtually every available space on his body. It remains unclear if his tattoos are intertwined with one another to form one big encompassing tattoo, or if all of his tattoos are actually distinct from one another. He has also received tattoos from the legendary Randy Harris himself, who has inked superstars such as Allen Iverson, Kevin Durant, and many more. In addition, his tattoos were largely influenced by Allen Iverson as he considered him as as a big brother. Here is every known tattoo on Lou Williams’ body.

1. ‘Three skulls’ tattoo on chest

2. ‘Lou Will’ tattoo on waist

As he is popularly called — ‘Lou Will’ in short — he has a tattoo of his own nickname inked on his waist. Lou Williams has carved out a distinct identity, so it only makes sense he would have a tattoo which carries a personalized version of his name.

3. ‘Flowers’ tattoo on chest and waist

4. ‘Dove’ tattoo on waist

5. ‘Star’ tattoo on waist

6. ‘Lion’ tattoo on chest

7. ‘Quote’ tattoo on chest


8. ‘Motivation’ tattoo on back

This particular tattoo was actually designed by Lou Williams himself when was just 17 years old.

9. Lou Williams collections:

‘Hustle and hard work’ tattoo on back

10. ‘North 85’ tattoo on back

11. ‘South 23’ tattoo on back

12. ‘American flag’ tattoo on back

13. ‘Diamond’ tattoo on back


14. ‘Bullseye’ tattoo on left arm

15. ‘Checkers’ tattoo on right arm

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16. Lou Williams ‘Quote’ tattoo on right arm

17. ‘Never settle’ tattoo on right arm

18. ‘Sleeve’ tattoo on right arm

Lou Williams has tons of other unidentifiable tattoos that essentially cover the length of his wrist to his shoulder.

Kelvin Kuo/AP

19. ‘Wings’ tattoo on left arm

20. ‘Sleeve’ tattoo on left arm

Similar to his right arm, Lou Williams shows a lot of tattoo that cover up the entire area that ranges from black and red designs altogether.

Los Angeles Times

21. The Lou Williams ‘Success’ tattoo on his right arm

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