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AEW Fight Forever: Everything we know so far about Yuke’s AEW Game

Everything we know about Yuke's AEW game, AEW: Fight Forever

Ever since Yuke’s ended their collaboration with 2K Games, WWE 2K has never been the same. Yuke’s more arcadey flavor for their older wrestling games clashes with 2K’s more simulation-style direction. Hence, Yuke’s decided to work with AEW instead, giving wrestling fans hope that they’ll get to see Smackdown: Here Comes The Pain’s second coming on next-gen consoles. Yes, with the disgraced release of WWE 2K21, wrestling fans have turned their attention away from the WWE 2K franchise and on to the upcoming Yuke’s AEW console game – AEW Fight Forever.

With the relative success of WWE 2K22, Yuke’s definitely has their work cut out for them. Will AEW Fight Forever be competition for WWE 2K22? Here’s everything we know so far about the upcoming game.

Update (3/25/2022): AEW filed a trademark application for “AEW: Fight Forever” on March 21, hinting at a possible name for the upcoming console game. The trademark application describes a “Downloadable game software; Downloadable computer game software; Downloadable electronic game software; Downloadable interactive game software; Video game discs; Downloadable video game programs; Downloadable video game software; Recorded video game programs; Recorded video game software” as well as “Hats; Headwear; Pants; Shirts; Socks; Polo shirts; Sweat shirts; T-shirts,” the second half of which possibly hints at merchandise and potential pre-order merchandise or deluxe edition freebies.

Update (4/13/2022): Fightful Select reports that the game has been planned for a 2022 release all along. Currently, the game’s target release date is September 2022, but neither AEW nor Yuke’s have confirmed this date or committed to the year 2022 for the release to the public yet.

Update (4/21/2022): Fans in attendance were asked to provide various chants for the game, which was referred to as AEW: Fight Forever, reports NoDQ.com.

Update (5/4/2022): Fightful Select confirms more wrestlers added to the roster, and new video footage released later in the day show two more confirmed playable wrestlers.

Update (8/3/2022): A leaked trailer that were supposed to come out next week during the THQ Nordic showcase showed off newly confirmed roster members Britt Baker, Jade Cargill, and Jon Moxley. New gameplay footage showed that mixed-tag matches would be possible, revealing new weapons like fire extinguishers, and Mario Party-style mini-games.

AEW Fight Forever Release Date: September 2022

The most important information that fans search about is when Yuke’s AEW game will be coming out. Sadly, we don’t have a release date yet, but Fightful Select reports that the game might be coming out this September 2022. With WWE 2K22 getting released in March 2022, there really isn’t a big rush for the game to come out anytime soon. Visual Concepts’ re-take on the WWE 2K game is still about half a year before release, and Yuke’s has all the time in the world to build a better, bolder game than what their previous mates are building.

Story Mode

The game will include a Story Mode, which will include the input from wrestlers themselves. However, there’s no news yet on how this will be executed – if players will be able to choose a wrestler from the AEW roster to play as, or if it’s going to be similar to WWE 2K where the player creates a wrestler to play as.


The game harkens back to old times, with more arcade action compared to WWE 2K’s more simulation-focused gameplay. It’s reminiscent to old WWE games like Here Comes The Pain and No Mercy, which should be appealing to many long-time wrestling fans.


Based on the sparse in-game footage that AEW and Yuke’s have shown so far, it seems like Yuke’s is working on the same engine that they use for WWE 2K. Hence, the game’s graphics don’t really look far from what we’ve seen in WWE 2K. The biggest difference is AEW’s cell-shaded (kind of?) and more comical renditions of their characters. While 2K veers closer towards realism, Yuke’s isn’t scared to make those pectoral muscles stand out, making Kenny Omega look like a blown-up doll in some angles.


It appears that players will be able to pick wrestlers and partake in Mario Party-style mini-games. Why? I don’t know, but they look fun and could help change up the pace every now and then.

AEW Fight Forever Roster

Fightful Select confirmed that AEW Fight Forever currently has about 50 playable wrestlers in the game’s roster, which is roughly half of AEW’s actively competing and signed wrestlers in its actual roster. The confirmed playable wrestlers so far are:

  1. Abadon
  2. Adam Page
  3. Chris Jericho
  4. Cody Rhodes
  5. Darby Allin
  6. Hikaru Shida
  7. Jungle Boy
  8. Kenny Omega
  9. Thunder Rosa
  10. Matt Jackson
  11. Nick Jackson
  12. Owen Hart
  13. Bryan Danielson
  14. CM Punk
  15. Adam Cole
  16. Sting
  17. Ruby Soho
  18. Kris Statlander
  19. Nyla Rose
  20. Britt Baker
  21. Jade Cargill
  22. Jon Moxley
  23. Yuka Sakazaki
  24. Pentagon

About Yuke’s: pro wrestling legends of their own right

Yuke’s and wrestling video games come a long way back. This makes fans feel very hopeful about the new AEW console game. Many believe that the disastrous WWE 2K franchise wasn’t exactly Yuke’s fault, so with Yuke’s going solo, things should start looking up. Just some of the games that Yuke’s developed include Wrestle Kingdom, WWE Smackdown! vs. Raw, as well as some video games for New Japan Pro Wrestling from the late 90s. Fans consider the PSOne and PS2 era of games to be Yuke’s golden age of pro wrestling goodness.

Apart from wrestling games, Yuke’s also have an array of UFC games under their belt, having developed the THQ-published UFC 2009 Undisputed, UFC Undisputed 2010, and UFC Undisputed 3. While about 75% of all their games are wrestling related, they also have a couple of non-wrestling games, such as the Berserk game that everyone thinks KOEI made, as well as the ridiculously fun over-the-top Earth Defense Force games.

Kenny Omega has been reportedly working on the development of the game, and THQ Nordic is also said to be helping out in the development of the game in a support role.

According to Fightful Select, multiple members of the Yuke’s team that worked on the SmackDown vs. Raw video games from the PS2 era are part of the team working on the AEW: Fight Forever.