After coming out of a two-year hiatus, Fernando Alonso reveals that he plans to stay in F1 past his 2022 contract with Alpine.

Alonso retired from F1 back in 2018 after 4 lackluster seasons with McLaren. After which, he went on to try other ventures in motorsport. The Spaniard spent time competing in IndyCar, Le Mans, and even displaying his offroad versatility with the Dakar Rally. However, he could no longer refrain from making his imminent return to F1.

The 40-year old driver came back this season to prove he still has what it takes to compete at the highest level—and he proved just that after a stellar drive to third place at the Qatar Grand Prix. This gave Alonso his first F1 podium in seven long years. After which, he was asked whether he'd be staying in F1 for the foreseeable future.

Via Racing365:

“I will be [here beyond 2022],” Alonso told the Beyond The Grid podcast when asked if he will stay after 2022 if the car is good.”And even if the car is not so good! But yeah, my plan is to stay [for] at least two or three years more.”

Despite being as old as he is, Alonso is a clear example of the saying “form is temporary, but class is permanent.”