Survive in a world ravaged by climate change in Floodland. Learn more about Floodland hear, along with its release date, gameplay, and story.

Floodland Release Date: November 15, 2022

Floodland comes out on November 15. 2022. It releases on PC.

Floodland Gameplay

Floodland is a post-apocalyptic survival colony simulator. You take charge of a group of survivors trying to survive the world’s destruction. To do this, you must send your survivors out to gather the scarce resources available around you. You then build various structures to help with your survival, like housing, fishing platforms, and the like. Players have to manage food, shelter, water, health, security, and more, as they try to make their group flourish. During the survivor’s day-to-day life, they will encounter events that could either help or hinder progress. The player’s reactions to these events are important because could affect the survivors in a big way.

The game also has a branching Tech-tree, which allows advanced technology to be introduced to your settlements. This includes upgraded buildings and the like. Specialist training is also important. Of course, as resources are scarce, players must plan properly and carefully when investing in the Tech-tree. Other than the Tech-tree, players must also contend with the Law-tree, as any society needs laws. Players can choose to invest in whatever law they think will benefit the people, or even choose to be a dictator.

However, this has consequences. Different groups of people have different beliefs, and may not agree with the laws that players put down. If you put down laws that point towards a common goal, your settlement will become more productive. Of course, the opposite is true if they don’t like your laws and actions. All of your actions in this game have consequences, no matter how small. Because of this, it is important to think long and hard about what you want to do.


Floodland Story

The evergrowing climate change served as a catalyst that lead to a succession of events. These events lead to the world’s destruction as rising sea levels drowned out the coasts. These rising sea levels also flooded major cities, turning the once-tall skyscrapers into shadows of their former selves. Those who survived this world-ending event banded together to survive. You are the leader of one such group and must do what you can to survive. Each game’s map, events, and more are randomly generated each run, so your story changes with each game. It is up to you to shape it. Will you be a benevolent leader? Or will you become an iron-fisted dictator? The choice is yours.

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