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Formula 1 star Lando Norris critiques his FP2 performance, calls himself ‘an idiot’

Formula 1 Lando Norris McLaren

McLaren’s Lando Norris critiques his performance after FP2, calling himself ‘an idiot,’ preparing for Formula 1’s United States Grand Prix in Austin, Texas.

Despite finishing second in FP2, Norris was critical of his performance, suggesting it was just him instead of the car’s capability this weekend.

Via F1i.com

“That was just me being an idiot, braking on the curb, which you just never do,” he told the media in parc ferme after the end of the day’s track activity. “Rule number one is don’t brake on a curb, so [it was] just me being stupid.”

“It’s not slippery, it’s just the curb is a curb, so it’s grated,” the young Formula 1 star insisted.

Norris dismissed that the car struggled in terms of grip after suffering numerous lock-ups during his flying laps.

Nevertheless, the British star concludes that he is in an excellent position this weekend, as another race awaits excitement from Formula 1 fans.

“It was like a good day in terms of result and pace, but not like easy to achieve that,” he continued. “Difficult just because of the wind and the bumps and the conditions. It just makes it very tricky out there.

“The first couple of runs, I struggled quite a bit, but then the final run, I made some changes, and I was much happier with the car,” he said. “I could push on it more, and then the lap time came easier,” the Formula 1 star stressed.

“So I think we’re in a good place,” he predicted. “I feel like we can quite easily make some changes into tomorrow to give myself some more confidence, and confidence is lap time a lot of the time.”

Norris sits at third in the Formula 1 driver standings, ten points ahead of Sergio Perez, who was quicker during FP2.

Aside from Norris’ critical judgment of his performance, he is considered one of the rising talents in Formula 1 today, leading a revitalized McLaren team to success.