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Froskurinn returns to the Chinese LOL scene as a guest caster

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Indiana “Froskurinn” Black earned a reputation of being one of the most insightful members of the English-speaking League of legends on-air team. She previously showed her masterful casting in the Chinese league prior to permanently moving to the European league. Last year, her contract with Riot Games ended but the star caster chose not to renew in lieu of trying freelancing. Unfortunately for her and many other casters and analysts, the currently rampaging COVID-19 pandemic hurt esports events. Subsequently, Froskurinn grew to regret heading into freelancing but now she returns to the league she called home for many years.


Froskurinn’s journey as a caster started in 2015 right in the Chinese LPL. She first started out as a team coach but soon transferred to the broadcast team where she was a much better fit. Now, the master analyst returns to the desk in the final sprint of the season. Froskurinn will be casting games on April 8th, 10th, and 18th. Additionally, she clarified that she won’t cast the finals matchup. However, Froskurinn might be back to manning the Analyst Desk as the Spring Split comes to a close.

“I just felt like that was the point where every single MSI and Worlds Final, I knew that I would be on it because I knew that I had reached the peak of my ability, at least as far as like the analyst desk was concerned. I’d like to be remembered for the effort and talent that I put into the craft.”

The returning caster extended her gratitude and praise towards the staff behind the LPL English team. Froskurinn’s presence in the LPL always established an exciting and informative experience for League fans. Naturally, she won’t find any problem casting in a foreign region considering it’s where she came from. Catch Froskurinn back in her comfort zone at the conclusion of the LPL.