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Genshin Impact 2.7 Event: Core of the Apparatus

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Go all around Teyvat to collect various materials for the toy merchant in the Genshin Impact 2.7 Event Core of the Apparatus!

A toy merchant from Fontaine has created a device in Inazuma that can fashion toys and furnishings as long as the right materials are inserted into it. Help him gather the materials with which to make some test products.

Core of the Apparatus

Check out the event preview here.

Event Rewards

Players will be able to receive the following rewards:

  • Primogems
  • Mystic Enhancement Ore
  • Mora
  • Weapon Ascension Materials
  • Character EXP Materials

During the event, you can use redemption vouchers to exchange with Bertrand to obtain corresponding robotic furnishings. You can redeem up to four total.

Event Duration

June 29, 2022 10:00 until July 11, 2022 03:59 (Server Time)


  1. Adventure Rank 30 or above.
  2. Complete the “Ritou Escape Plan” part of the Archon Quest: “Chapter II: Act I – The Immovable God and the Eternal Euthymia”
  3. Complete the World Quest “Chisato’s Letter”

Gameplay Overview

  • After talking to Katheryne in Inazuma City, find Bertrand in Ritou to participate in the “Core of the Apparatus” event.
  • This event is divided into two parts: “Quest Creations” and “Freestyle Creations.” Talking to Bertrand will trigger the World Quest series “A-Toymaking We Shall Go” and unlock “Quest Creations.”
    • Complete the “A-Toymaking We Shall Go” World Quests to unlock “Freestyle Creations.”
  • Complete the three processes: “Source Material Collection,” “Elemental Charge,” and “Core Activation” to start making toys.
  • During the event, make toys to obtain redemption vouchers. Use redemption vouchers to exchange with Bertrand to obtain robotic furnishings, up to 4 total.
  • During the event, complete “Quest Creations” and receive “Challenge Rewards” to obtain Primogems and other rewards.

Quest Creations

  • During the event, helpt Bertrand who is building a toymaking business in Inazuma, make toys. After talking to Bertrand, you will obtain the “Material Collector” gadget. The gadget can be used to collect the necessary materials for different stages in the manufacturing process.
    • Equip the Material collector from you inventory to start gathering materials. There are three steps to collecting materials: “Source Material Collection,” “Elemental Charge,” and “Core Activation.”
  • Source Material Collection: Gather materials in the field. Open the Material Collector to check what types of materials are required at the moment. When you have collected the required amount of materials, the Material Collector’s progress will increase. After the progress reaches 100%, you will enter the next process.
  • Elemental Charge: You must reach the designated area and be continuously affected by an element in order to charge the material Collector. Charge it to 100% to enter the next process
    • You can open the map to check where the congregations of designated elemental creatures are located
  • Core Activation: You must defeat designated enemies to obtain the motive force required to activate the core. After gathering all the materials, you can start making toys with Bertrand.

Freestyle Creations

  • After finishing your first toy, Bertrand’s toy shop will open for business, and the procedures and Material Collector will be improved.

Complete the following three steps to conduct “Freestyle Creations”:

  • Source Material Collection: Collect ores, flowers, or fruits in the open world as material.
  • Elemental Charge: Be affected by Pyro, Hydro, or Electro for 15 seconds to complete Elemental Charge.
  • Core Activation: Defeat elemental creatures to obtain the motive force required to activate the core.
    • You can check what type of elemental life forms there are in the Archive>Living Beings/Enemies and Monsters
    • Different elemental creatures provide different amounts of Core Propulsion.
  • Every time you complete a process, open the Freestyle Creations menu, click the “Subsequent Process” button, to proceed to the next process.
  • After completing the above processes, return to Inazuma City and speak to Bertrand to make robotic furnishings.
  • You can view the processes necessary to create the robotic furnishings of different designs and movements in the archive guide page.
    • The design and movement of the robot are related to the above three processes. There is a certain probability of creating a random model or a special robotic furnishing that can do all movements. Keep trying and see what happens!
  • You can also exchange redemption vouchers with friends and create your own wishlist on the event page.

Event Guidelines

  • Take the Material Collector with you to initiate Source Material Collection, Elemental Charge, and Core Activation to produce a mobile robotic furnishing according to the toy merchant’s specifications.
  • The robot’s model type and motions will be determined by what you do during the three aforementioned processes, and once they have all concluded, they have a set chance to produce a special furnishing that can perform all three movements.
  • Once you have successfully created a robotic furnishing, the exchange function will be unlocked, which will allow you to obtain the test product model you want through the product exchange menu.

  • Equip the Material Collector.
  • Carry out the collection of required materials.
  • When you have collected the required amount of materials, the Material Collector’s progress will increase.
  • After the progress reaches 100%, you will enter the next process.


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