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Genshin Impact leaks show Beach Outfits for Barbara and Jean

Genshin Impact, leaks, Barbara, Jean, Sea Breeze Dandelion

Rejoice, travelers of Teyvat, because a leak lately brought waves across the Genshin Impact community. This could start a precedent on future content along the way. ProjectCelestia on Twitter recently just posted images of a supposed leak for the upcoming Version 1.6. The images depict alternate outfits for our two well-known sisters from Mondstadt, Barbara and Jean. 

Sporting a breezy appearance, Barbara dons a blue-and-white sailor dress with floral accessories speckled across. This outfit bears a resemblance to summer idol outfits. Jean, on the other hand, wears a cool navy blouse and white mini shorts. Jean’s lady-like outfit seems perfect for a summer walk along the beach. 

A few details came with the leaked Genshin Impact images. These include the costumes’ release date, their character icons, and how to obtain them. Both Barbara and Jean’s outfits will allegedly arrive on Genshin Impact Version 1.6. To obtain Barbara’s outfit, players will need to participate in a coming event. Meanwhile, there’s no available info yet on how to obtain Jean’s outfit.

For months, players have been speculating whether outfits and cosmetics will actually arrive in Genshin Impact. If the leaks are true, it could only mean that more outfits will arrive in the future. However, we don’t know yet if you’ll have to spend cash to get them.

You should take leaks like this with a grain of salt, as numerous past leaks turned out to be false. However, the quality of the leaked artwork, and the aesthetic design that’s timely with the summer season, make this leak hard to ignore.

Cosmetics such as skins usually become one of the most profitable among all of a game’s microtransactions. Will Genshin Impact finally turn to this trend, or will this rumor turn out to be false? If true, which character skins do you look forward to the most?