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Did the Giants make the right move benching Eli Manning for Daniel Jones?

Eli Manning, Daniel Jones, Giants

It’s officially the end of an era, as the New York Giants have decided to move on from Eli Manning and hand the reins over to rookie quarterback Daniel Jones.

We all knew this was coming eventually, but I don’t think most of us thought it would happen this soon.

That begs the question: did the Giants make the right move in benching Manning for Jones?

Opinions will obviously be all over the place on this, but I vote no.

We are just two games into the season, and while New York does not even currently resemble a playoff contender, it just seems too early to insert Jones.

Like I said on Monday, I am also not crazy about the prospect of Jones playing against the New England Patriots in Foxborough on Oct. 10. If I were Pat Shurmur, I would have at least played it out with Manning up until that point and then made the switch to Jones if things were continuing to go south.

I understand that Jones had a phenomenal preseason, which unquestionably gave Shurmur the ammo to make this move now, but regular season games are entirely different from exhibition contests.

Again, this was always going to happen eventually. Everyone and their goldfish knew that Manning’s time in New York was coming to an end, but the decision to go to Jones now seems a bit knee jerk and could potentially hurt Jones in the long haul.

It’s not even about trying to win with Manning at this point; that ship has sailed. This team is going nowhere in 2019. It’s about protecting Jones and ensuring that he has ideal circumstances coming in.

I’m not sure that’s the case right now, as the Giants’ receiving corps is banged up and, once again, there is that matchup with the Patriots looming in a few weeks.

I have always thought that New York would make the change over to Jones at some point this season. I just did not anticipate that it would happen heading into Week 3.

Maybe Jones will be just fine and will be more than able to handle what’s coming, but I just hope Shurmur’s decision doesn’t end up costing Jones and the Giants dearly.