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Giants QB Daniel Jones has 16 turnovers this season, tied for most in NFL

Daniel Jones, Giants

Seeing your quarterback at the top of the turnover list is something that football fans don’t want to see. However, that’s the card the New York Giants were dealt after Daniel Jones just became one of the most careless quarterbacks in the league this season.

ESPN Stats & Info reported a statistic many Giants fans intrinsically knew, but never wanted to look in the eye.

It’s frustrating enough for the fans that he had to sit through a horrible game where the biggest entertainment value came from a cat that sprinted into the end zone. To see the man they call Danny Dimes giving away interceptions like it’s Christmas must be demoralizing for them to see happen live.

From the way things are looking at the moment, Jones cannot simply push the blame to other people. In spite of the poor outings, the Giants offensive line has shown ability as they’re in the middle of the pack halfway through the season.

He’s trying to make up for his turnovers by trying to be more effective in the passing game. He was somewhat effective, notching 210 passing yards and a touchdown against the Dallas Cowboys. However, a team cannot thrive if its quarterback keeps making horrible passes.

The Giants need him to step up his game if he is going to lead the team out of the dark hole they find themselves in. Given the way he has performed so far, it’s looking like it will be a long process. However, the team sees enough in him to trust him through the growing pains of becoming a franchise QB.