Giants news: Daniel Jones receives a player rating bump on Madden 20
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Giants QB Daniel Jones receives a player rating bump on Madden 20

New York Giants quarterback Daniel Jones received a bump in his Madden 20 rating, but he is still one of the lower-rated quarterbacks in the game. When Madden 20 came out, Jones received a rating of 63 which was the sixth-highest for a rookie quarterback behind even Tyree Jackson who didn’t make an NFL roster and is now a free agent.

According to GiantsWire after Jones had an impressive showing in his first start against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, EA Sports bumped his rating up to 69.

In addition to boosting Jones’ overall rating to 69, EA Sports also improved his awareness, speed and accuracy throughout the game, raising those ratings to 84, 87 and 83, respectively. They also boosted his elusiveness rating (+1), but lowered his carrying rating to 55 following a two-fumble day against the Buccaneers.

Eli Manning who was demoted to the bench still has a Madden rating of 71, two points higher than Jones. Fellow rookie Dwayne Haskins who hasn’t made a start in the NFL yet comes in with a rating of 72.

It was only one start for Jones so it makes sense that EA doesn’t want to boost him too high, and a six-point boost is substantial even if it was only up to 69.

This Sunday the Giants return home to take on the Washington Redskins and all eyes are going to be on Jones who now has the pressure of New York on him.

The good news for Jones is the Redskins defense has been lit up by basically everyone so he should have plenty of chances for success in this game.