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Eli Manning shares his thoughts on the Giants’ offseason moves

Giants, Eli Manning

Eli Manning has walked away from the game and is now more than comfortable to talk about the plans the New York Giants are making in their first season without him.

To the delight of Giants fans, he thinks that team is making great steps forward.

Manning kept an eye on the Giants’ activity in the midst of the coronavirus outbreak since he now has all the time in the world to observe what is happening with the only team he has played for in his career. While he highly rates New York’s offseason acquisitions, he was particularly looking forward to how Blake Martinez and James Bradberry will positively impact the team.

Via Giants Wire’s Dan Benton:

“I think [Martinez] is a good player. I haven’t studied him extremely well, but he makes a ton of tackles, and he’s around the ball, so I think he will be a good fit and make a lot of plays. I don’t know much about just from a leadership standpoint and all those things, so hopefully he’ll be a great leader and be able to get the defense back on track,” Eli Manning said.

“[Bradberry] does a good job making plays on the ball. It seems like he’s a smart guy reading things and kind of knowing when he can be aggressive and jump certain routes. I feel he is a good player who should be able to fit into the system and play well.”

Of course, these acquisitions will always look good until the season actually starts. Hopefully, these signings work for the Giants and help them compete for postseason football.