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Joe Judge, Dave Gettleman least of Giants problems, says former Super Bowl winner

Giants, Joe Judge, Dave Gettleman, Super Bowl, David Diehl

The New York Giants’ once proud franchise has fallen on hard times. Seemingly once the ultimate example of organizational stability, the Giants have turned into the exact opposite of that in recent years, as they’ve changed head coaches at an alarmingly fast rate. Most recently, general manager Dave Gettleman retired and then the Giants fired former head coach Joe Judge. However, former Giants Super Bowl winner David Diehl said that Judge and Gettleman are the least of New York’s problems in a recent appearance on SiriusXM Radio.

“Everybody’s just continued to say, ‘It’s bad drafting. Bad coaching. It’s injuries. It’s this. It’s that.’ This, for me, goes all the way back to the end of the 2015 season, where they only fired Tom Coughlin and they didn’t fire Jerry Reese with him,” Diehl said.

Former Super Bowl winner David Diehl is absolutely right about the Giants. Their problems started long before Dave Gettleman and Joe Judge were hired.

It goes all the way back to when the Giants cut ties with perhaps one of their greatest coaches- and two-time Super Bowl winner- Tom Coughlin, Diehl’s former coach. The Giants chose to fire Coughlin while keeping then-GM Jerry Reese- and from there, the cycle continued all the way to Gettleman and Judge.

As the former Giants Super Bowl winner wisely pointed out, it didn’t work because the head coach and GM were on different pages, different contract lengths and couldn’t see eye-to-eye because they came in at different times, just as Judge, Gettleman and their predecessors did.

By letting go of both Joe Judge and Dave Gettleman, Giants fans can only hope that the franchise is ending the toxic cycle that former Super Bowl winner David Diehl is talking about.