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Giants’ Pat Shurmur knows he’s coaching for his job in the final stretch

Pat Shurmur, Giants

Everybody knows the NFL is a brutal business. Players will often be cut a couple of days after they are signed, while some coaches are let go after one bad season. New York Giants head coach Pat Shurmur is in the midst of his second bad season, and he knows his livelihood is on the line. He ended his first season as head coach with a 5-11 record and has only won two games in 2019. Shurmur spoke out about his struggles to Dan Benton of the Giants Wire.

“I feel like I’m coaching for my job every day. That’s the way we function. As players, you’re playing for your job, and you’re coaching for your job every day. We understand this is a results business, and the ultimate result is winning games. Along the way, doing the things necessary to win a game and then consistently win. That’s just the reality of it.” Shurmur said.

The second-year coach’s comments came after an ominous report that Giants part-owner Steve Tisch would discuss Shurmur’s performance with team CEO John Mara. Shurmur was his typical nonchalant self when asked about his feelings on the meeting between Mara and Tisch.

“I really have no reaction to that. I was made aware that he spoke [Monday]. I’m sure he’s disappointed with the results this season, just like I am and we are. I’m trying to get this team ready to play and win a game against Philly” said the beleaguered head coach.

Shurmur may make Week 14 sound like any other week, but don’t be fooled. His job and his future are at stake.