Giants news: Pat Shurmur not ruling out playoff run
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Giants coach Pat Shurmur not ruling out playoff run

The New York Giants have won two games in a row and moved them to 3-7, and that has been enough to get head coach Pat Shurmur to talk about a playoff run. On Sunday, The Giants offense was on fire putting up 35 points and that led to a victory by the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

Coach Shurmur has always been the type to talk about the team taking it one game at a time, but after the big win, he said there is maybe a chance the team could make a run.

“Crazy, isn’t it?” Shurmur said via NewsDay. “That’s why I said through the first eight weeks, ‘You just have to keep playing. You never know.’ If we let the [outside] noise get to us and get us all dark and stormy and weird about things, then you’re not set up to do anything at the end of the season.”

Shurmur wanted to make it clear the team still has a long ways to go to even make that run, but anything can happen.

“If we can keep battling and fighting, who knows?” Shurmur said. “Who knows? That’ll be a fun thing for everybody to write.”

With a 3-7 record the Giants have an uphill fight, and will probably have to win out to even have a chance but funnier things have happened in the NFL.

If Manning and the rest of the offense can play like they did against the Buccaneers the offense is going to give this team a real chance to win.