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Giants great Phil Simms says Daniel Jones ‘fits what Pat Shurmur wants’ in a QB

Phil Simms knows all about the pressures that New York Giants quarterback Daniel Jones is under but he thinks he is the perfect quarterback for what Pat Shurmur wants to do. Simms thinks that Jones size and his ability to move around will really help him in Shurmur’s system.

“I think he really fits what Pat Shurmur wants,” Simms said recently, via MSG. “He’s a big guy, who can move around and has a good, solid NFL arm. He was taught really well down at Duke, and all of those things add up.”

Giants will begin OTA’s on Monday which is the first chance the offense will be able to go against the defense and all eyes are going to be on the rookie quarterback. Jones has only been with the Giants a few weeks but he is already making a nice impression on his teammates.

“He’s picking up [the offense] really fast,” Giants tight end Evan Engram said Thursday night at Yankee Stadium, prior to the CC Sabathia and friends Celebrity Softball Game. “They’ve been trying to throw some stuff at him and he’s handled it really well.”

For Simms when he starts getting pressure put on him is where he really know if Jones is the real deal. If he can lead the team during those pressure spots is going to be key, especially in New York.

“First off and foremost, I want to see his physical qualities,” Simms said. “Once I see them, let’s start judging who he is as a person. Can he lead? How easy is it for him? Is he smart? First, I want to see the talent, then we can start judging all the intangibles.”