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Giants QB Eli Manning wants to stay, thinks team is close

New York Giants quarterback Eli Manning, who has had himself the strangest season in his career, not only claims he wants to stay with the team, but believes the franchise is close to greatness.

So, um, sure!

“It may be hard to realize or say it but I don’t think the Giants are far off,” Manning said, via Newsday. “We won 11 games the year before, played a lot of teams tough this year with injuries and losing guys. It was one of those years we lost a lot of tight games or games getting down to the fourth quarter and we just couldn’t quite compete just because we lost too many guys or just lost some heartbreakers … I don’t think it’s far off once you get some guys back.”

Injuries at key positions have certainly played a huge role in what is wrong with the Giants.

Whenever Odell Beckham goes down with injury, as is evident the last several seasons, Eli Manning appears to age woefully. When the talented receiver is in the lineup, Manning still looks like one of the National Football League’s more competent gunslingers.

Obviously, it won’t be only up to Manning if he stays in New York.