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GrandChase Classic CBT Pre-Registration now open for Steam

GrandChase Classic Pre-Registration

GrandChase is making a huge comeback, six years after the final servers for the original game shut down in Korea. The game has entered pre-registration for its CBT, with a pre-registration event ongoing with rewards for registrants.

GrandChase captured the imagination of players in the past two decades. A side-scrolling online action RPG, it featured a lot of unique characters that can be further customized to tailor their skills to your playstyle. Just like many massively multiplayer online games from that era, the game was free-to-play.

The comeback GrandChase Classic game that just entered pre-registration will also be free-to-play. The gameplay will feature roughly the same gameplay of old. There are various dungeons that you can explore with any of the game’s 20 unique characters. You can also collect a lot of different weapons and equipment to customize your characters to give yourself an edge over others in the game’s PvP.

According to the game’s Steam pageGrandChase will have a release date of August 2021. The original version of GrandChase came out in August 2003. That’s almost exactly eighteen years since the original release, accurate to the month. According to GrandChase‘s developers, the testing periods’ dates will be announced this July.

GrandChase remained popular for more than ten years during its first foray. Servers were kept alive for about twelve years until the servers went offline in 2015. The return of GrandChase might usher in a renewed interest in multiplayer online games from that era of video games.