Grizzlies rumors: Andre Iguodala expected to pick between Lakers, Clippers if Memphis buys him out
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Andre Iguodala expected to pick between Lakers, Clippers if Memphis buys him out

Andre Iguodala, Warriors

Andre Iguodala is expected to pick one of the Los Angeles teams if he is bought out by the Memphis Grizzlies, according to ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski.

The Grizzlies continue to pursue trade avenues while he remains away from the team, but if they find themselves unable to notch one, they would likely resort to working out a buyout agreement instead of paying out the full $17 million in guaranteed money he’s owed this season.

“It’s the two L.A. teams,” said Woj during a TV special with ESPN colleague Zach Lowe. “It’s the Lakers and it’s the Clippers. If there is a buyout at some point. If Memphis can’t trade him, it will come down to those two teams.”

Iguodala is plenty comfortable sitting out the early part of the season, considering the issues he’s had trying to stay healthy in the past few NBA campaigns. The 35-year-old veteran had also been rumored to a potential return to his former teams: the Denver Nuggets, Philadelphia 76ers, or the Golden State Warriors — though the latter is only possible if a very specific chain of events take place.

Iguodala would have to be traded, then waived and clear waivers before Golden State is able to add him to their roster. To top that off, the Warriors would need to trade one of their guaranteed contract for one of lesser wage to make room for his signing, as the 15-year veteran would make a minimum of $2.5 million this season and the Warriors only have roughly $400,000 left in a hard-capped 2019-20 season

The Lakers have the benefit or having former agent-turned-general manager Rob Pelinka at their disposal, while the Clippers have a bevy of respected veterans like Patrick Beverley, Kawhi Leonard, and Paul George, along with head coach Doc Rivers.