Guns of Glory has received the new Lost Island DLC which introduces a thrilling new story arc that takes players on a legendary journey through the kingdom, as well as new gameplay mechanics, events, and rewards. Check out all of the details you need to know in this article, including when Lost Island DLC is released, story details, and gameplay changes.

A legendary team led by a mysterious adventurer arrives on the continent, and players will be able to recruit them as their New Guards. The members of this team can help players gain advantages on the Lost Island. As the Lost Island reemerges, players must prepare for the new events Relic War, Treant Invasion, and others coming up next.

Guns of Glory Relic War

The Relic War will have four stages: Registration, Preparation, Battle, and Ownership. During the Battle Stage, players can attack Relic Ruin and defeat the enemy troops inside. Ownership of each Relic Ruin is determined by Alliance Points, which will help players advance in the event.

Treant Invasion

In Treant Invasion, players must earn Treant Scrolls by attacking threats on the Kingdom Map. These scrolls can be used to summon Treants, which players can attack by launching or joining a Rally. Alliance members receive rewards at the end of the event based on the number of Treantsthey have slain.

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Upgraded Mermaid System

Players can unlock the new Treasure Diving gameplay to find buried treasure in the upgraded Mermaid system.

With the release of the new expansion, Guns of Glory also introduces several events, new skins, and powerful Guards that players can get for free. The game also has new quality of life and other smaller improvements.

New Story

The Guns of Glory Lost Island DLC expands the lore of the game with a new story arc. The Iron Mask successfully led his tropps to victory against the infamous Pirate King, “Blackbeard” Edward Teach. However, trouble is brewing as a horde of Ghost Pirates, cusred to suffer for eternity, has set their eyes on the Iron Mask. Reports suggest that the Ghost Pirates, upon hearing of Blackbeard’s defeat, believe that Iron Mask’s captured treasures contain powerful artifacts that can lift their curse and empower them to rule not only the Lost Island but the entire world. The Ghost Pirates have already arrived on the continent and moored their Ghost Ships by the shore, and without delay, they have launched an invasion on Iron Mask’s territories. Fortunately, a mysterious adventuress from the Lost Island has joined forces with Iron Mask to combat the Ghost Pirates.

Guns of Glory Lost Island DLC has already been out, and players can join in on the fun by downloading Guns of Glory for free, either from the Apple App Store, or through the Google Play Store.