The San Francisco 49ers have handed the keys of the franchise to sophomore quarterback Trey Lance. The North Dakota State product has a ton of potential but isn't exactly lighting things up right now.

The 49ers held practice on Sunday, described as the worst practice Lance has had thus far. 49ers reporter Rob Lowder noted Lance finished 4-for-12 on the day, with one dropped interception and an actual interception thrown right to the defense.

“That’s a wrap on what was QB Trey Lance’s worst practice so far. He finished 4 of 12 with a pair of receiver drops, a dropped interception by CB Charvarius Ward and an interception thrown straight to LB Fred Warner. Hard not to wince at some of Lance’s throws today,” Lowder tweeted.

Lowder mentioned that things weren't all bad. The young 49ers quarterback made two impressive competitions during the practice session.

One of those competitions was while scrambling and extended the drive. The other competition was described as a “perfectly thrown ball” to recently extended receiver Deebo Samuel.

While fans may wince at the stat line, much like Lowder did, those around Lance still have faith. Among those who still believe in the young 49ers quarterback is receiver Brandon Aiyuk.

“One thing I’ve learned is you never know what these guys’ arms feel like,” Aiyuk said. “Same thing for us, we go out there some days, our legs are tired. They may expect us to break out of a route and come out of our breaks a lot faster than we did, and our legs are a little bit tired so we can’t do so.

“They are coming out here and throwing a bunch of balls, so we just got to look at it, correct it after a day off, and get better.”

Lance is still a young quarterback, and it's early. This is by no means how he will perform during the season. However, given Lance is replacing Jimmy Garoppolo, who led the team to the Super Bowl and two NFC Championship Game appearances, this performance isn't exactly encouraging.