Hassan Whiteside: The NBA never gave me much love
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Hassan Whiteside: The NBA never gave me much love

Hassan Whiteside, Heat

Hassan Whiteside led the league in blocks last season, with 3.7 per game. He has definitely emerged as one of the better centers in the league, and has become a 2.9 career average shot blocker, after becoming a forgotten man prior to being picked up by the Miami Heat.

Recently, the NBA released a video of the top 50 blocks from this past season, and only one of his 269 blocks were featured. At number seven was a block against Marvin Williams, where he snatched the ball from him in mid-air.

A Twitter user made it known to the Heat’s starting center, and this was his response:

Although it would be better to see more of Whiteside in the Top 50, there is much basketball sense in trying to keep the ball alive instead of simply swatting it away.

If he was the last person to touch the ball when he blocks it, the possession would switch to the opposing team, regardless if it pleases him or not. If by some other reason, he blocks it and it touches one of the opposing team’s players, the Miami Heat would gain possession. But regardless, Hassan Whiteside doesn’t feel like the NBA appreciates him as much as basketball fans do.

Whiteside was drafted 33rd overall, by the Sacramento Kings in 2010. After playing in the D-League and overseas, the Miami Heat signed him in 2014, where he has played since. In the off-season, he re-signed with the Heat, on a four-year $98 million dollar contract.

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