Hawks news: Annoyed Trae Young claims only 'retirement' will stop comparisons to Luka Doncic
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Annoyed Trae Young claims only ‘retirement’ will stop comparisons to Luka Doncic

Trae Young, Luka Doncic

Atlanta Hawks star Trae Young has been compared to draftmate Luka Doncic since the two were swapped as part of the opening stretch of the 2018 NBA Draft. The Dallas Mavericks acquired the third overall pick, which they used to select the eventual Rookie of the Year. The two went head-to-head for the award, and Doncic took it home at the end of the season.

The comparisons have yet to come to an end, as Young faces these questions often, never quite breaking away from them and noting it will take retiring from the game to finally put an end to them:

“Retirement,” Young told ESPN with a laugh. “I think that’s what it’s gonna take.”

“We’re going to be compared throughout our whole careers. That’s fine, that’s what it’s going to be — it happened on draft night, and I don’t think it’ll stop until we’re both retired.”

Unfortunately for Doncic, these are comparisons that often chase a player not only for their NBA career but for life. Some of the greatest NBA players have been retired for years and are often compared to players of their generation, and even newcomers still actively playing.

That is simply part of NBA hoopla. While Young and Doncic play the same position, their game is drastically different, something that has greatly bothered Young despite knowing it comes with the territory:

“Yeah. For me, it bothers me — I just love playing basketball, I know he does. So it bothers me because it’s annoying just getting asked about it all the time. But I know it comes with it. I didn’t ask for it to happen, but it happened… It’s two totally different situations, two totally different players. He’s playing well, I’m playing well. Just let it be.”

Hopes that the comparisons stop might just be wishful thinking, but Young has the opportunity to carve his very own legacy in the league, so long as he keeps up this grand level of play.