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Atlanta backed out of NBA Draft trade thanks to leaked news

Atlanta Hawks

Various news outlets agreed to not leak picks, but some like Adrian Wojnarowski still found a way to tweet out who was going to be picked without, saying they were going to be picked.

Using words like zeroed in instead of saying that’s who the Hawks were selecting let Wojnarowski get around the rules.

The leaking of picks also allowed the Atlanta Hawks to back out of a trade, and keep some of their future draft picks. The Hawks had a trade in place with the Milwaukee Bucks to move up from the 19th pick to the 17th pick.

Atlanta’s target was Kevin Huerter but after following Twitter, general manager Travis Schlenk found out who the Bucks were going to take, and realized that Huerter was still going to be on the board.

“There were a couple of guys we felt really good about on the 19th pick, obviously Kevin (Huerter) was one of them, and it leaked who Milwaukee was going to take,” Schlenk said (via ESPN).

“So, all of a sudden, we were able to pull back out of that deal and keep the draft pick instead of packaging picks to move up because we knew that, two guys on the board we felt really good about and only one team in between us, so that was beneficial to us last night.”

General managers try to use every advantage they can get, and who knew that people tipping picks, actually helped save the Hawks some future assets, and they were still able to get their guy.