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Hawks’ Dejounte Murray reveals hilarious reason for disrespecting defender in CrawsOver

Hawks, John Collins, CrawsOver

When Atlanta Hawks star Dejounte Murray played in the CrawsOver on Sunday, he went viral for a variety of reasons. However, none was more popular than his savage move on a defender during the game.

For those who missed it, Murray gave a defender the ultimate disrespect by bouncing the ball on his head–not once but THRICE! Even worse for that defender, the Hawks guard proceeded to leave him in the dust and attacked the rim.

Now speaking about the viral moment for the first time, Murray explained he was left with no other choice because the opponent was too close to his “sh*t.” With that, he had to get him to back up a little bit.


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No one would have wanted to be in the defender’s spot during that situation for sure, and hey, many will say Dejounte Murray didn’t have to do him dirty like that. Besides, guarding an NBA player requires extra effort and the guy was just doing his job to help his team in any way he can.

However, it’s hard to blame Murray as well. After all, he had to keep the crowd entertained, and what better way to do it than punishing your opponents, right? Good thing his opponent took it in stride and was focused on the game.

Murray finished the game with 39 points, as he, Trae Young and John Collins combined for 103 points. Not a bad debut for the Hawks trio at all!