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Hawks forward Evan Turner makes interesting Kobe Bryant, Reggie Miller, Michael Jordan connection

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Evan Turner appears to be quite adept in finding intriguing connections. The Atlanta Hawks forward recently posted on Twitter, linking former NBA superstars Kobe Bryant, Reggie Miller, and Michael Jordan together in what could be a low-key troll attempt on how some analysis and reports are being done in today’s league.

Turner does make sense though.

Miller and Jordan had countless battles during their primes. During the late 90s, the former’s Indiana Pacers tried — and failed — to prevent the latter’s Chicago Bulls from achieving their second three-peat. When Jordan retired and the Bulls broke up their roster, everybody thought the Pacers’ time to shine had arrived. But a new dynasty was built as the Los Angeles Lakers emerged as a powerhouse in the West behind Bryant and Shaquille O’Neal.

The Lakers met the Pacers in the 2001 NBA Finals, where the former won in six games, giving Kobe the first taste of a championship.

The comparisons between Bryant and Jordan have always been a hot topic in basketball. Even up to this point, people are still talking about how similar they are and all other stuff. But now that Miller has been added to the equation, the Black Mamba and His Airness are now sharing yet another common ground.

They both prevented Miller from winning a championship.

Jordan and Bryant are certainly the top two shooting guards of all time, and it was unfortunate that Miller had to go up against them at a time when he and the Pacers were desperately trying to win a championship.