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WATCH: Hawks’ John Collins ends Joel Embiid with absolutely disrespectful slam

Hawks, John Collins, Joel Embiid

John Collins just tried to put an end to Joel Embiid’s career in Game 6 of the Eastern Conference Semifinals between the Atlanta Hawks and the Philadelphia 76ers on Friday night. Collins rose up to finish an alley-oop from Trae Young, and unfortunately for him, Embiid was on the wrong end of Collins’ poster.

Here’s a look at John Collins having no regard for Embiid’s future whatsoever (h/t ClutchPoints on Twitter):

Collins absolutely threw one down over Embiid, who for his part, looks like he even sustained a bit of an injury from the play. We’re not buying it, Joel; we all know the only thing that got damaged from this play was your ego.

Check out how Collins hovered over Embiid after the flush. Embiid couldn’t see the Hawks big man, but he knew what Collins was up to. The Sixers star literally had to shove Collins away. This is gold.

Collins and Co are facing a tough test against the Sixers as they look to close out the series on their own home floor. Trae Young has been amazing throughout the pivotal matchup, and guys like John Collins have likewise been doing their bit to help the Hawks here.