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Hawks’ John Collins looking to throw lobs next season as point-forward


Atlanta Hawks power forward John Collins is looking to add another dimension to his play. Next season, the big man is looking to throw lobs as a point-forward.

The Hawks are not one of the 22 teams set to return to NBA action in Orlando. But that doesn’t mean that Collins won’t be working on his game. To recall, the Hawks acquired Clint Capela via trade in February. Since Capela has built a reputation as a lob finisher during his days with the Houston Rockets, Collins plans to integrate the Swiss’ playstyle into his game.

“For me, having another dude that’s in the same level of athlete that I am, it’s going to be amazing to sort of know how to throw him open and know how he wants to catch the ball,” Collins said, per Sarah K. Spencer of The Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

“I’ve been working on throwing lobs and trying to get him open above the rim because I know that’s what I like to do, that’s what he likes to do, so we can speak the same language.”

In preparation for this, John Collins intends to “tighten” up several things in his game. Apart from mastering his strengths and the different types of passes possible, watching tons of game film is imperative as well.

“Ballhandling would be one, just trying to tighten it up and get it crisp,” Collins said. “Watching film and seeing how my teammates like to catch the ball, seeing what their tendencies are helps. There’s so many things, a multitude of things. I feel like getting lower and like I said, figuring out how I like to pass, figuring out what my strengths are, do I like overhand, underhand, and timing, there’s a bunch of factors that go into it. Film is probably the first place where I’ll start, and then we can go from there.”

This is definitely big news for Hawks fans, but not so much for the entire league. The Hawks already have a solid core of young guys. What more if they individually become better and develop that chemistry?