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Hawks’ Kent Bazemore says Trae Young and John Collins should get used to attending All-Star weekend

Kent Bazemore

Trae Young and John Collins are heading off to Charlotte for the Rising Stars game, and this is an experience Atlanta Hawks teammate Kent Bazemore says they should get used to.

He clearly sees the potential in his teammates. The All-Star weekend is usually a fun time for the players, and it seems that Young and Collins might get to experience it pretty frequently. At least, if Bazemore was picking the teams.

Young was the fifth overall pick in the 2018 draft. After being taken by the Dallas Mavericks, he was traded to Atlanta, along with a 2019 first round pick, for Luka Doncic.

The expectation for him is to blossom into a perennial All-Star selection. He is starting off his career on a high note. He averages 16.9 points and 7.6 assists per game.

Collins was the 19th overall selection by the Hawks in 2017. He was known for his defense early on, however he has developed a reliable offensive game as well. This season he is averaging 19.4 points 9.7 rebounds per game. If he becomes a two-way star there is no reason he can’t become a consistent All-Star.

Each have their potential, but what works is they can compliment each other well. Young can run the point and Collins can dominate down low. If they do blossom into stars, then the Hawks have a dynamic one-two punch on their hands.

As for Bazemore’s assessment, he has been around the league for six years now. Maybe that is enough to adequately judge the ceilings of his teammates, maybe it isn’t.

Six years is certainly enough to be excited about the guys he gets to play alongside.