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Hawks’ Trae Young reveals how Kevin Love changed his life


Atlanta Hawks point guard Trae Young congratulated Kevin Love for winning the Arthur Ashe Courage Award, one ESPN will bestow upon him at Sunday’s ESPYS ceremony.

Love has been one of the most outspoken athletes when it comes to mental health, even penning a piece of his own in The Players’ Tribune in 2018, detailing his own struggle with it.

In a congratulatory tweet, Young admitted he had a point in his life that he was scared to express his own struggles with mental health and is happy that theย Cleveland Cavaliers forward opened the doors for discussion:

“You helped change that for me bro! SALUTE,” said Young in a tweet.

Kevin Love was appreciative of Young’s support:

Love wasn’t the first athlete to break the mental health barrier, but he was a quick second after DeMar DeRozan’s shocking admission in 2018.

While DeRozan was the NBA pioneer when it comes to it, Love was the torch-bearer as he expanded on it and worked with the NBA to provide teams with therapists and psychiatrists to ensure players have someone to go to at their respective facilities.

That also helped change the scope when it comes to player attendance, as players can now be excused from practices or games for mental health reasons, which are cited as “personal” reasons to comply with HIPAA regulations.

Love has had a huge influence and has been a game-changer off the court for guys like Young and others who have at one point struggled with their mental health. As an advocate of the cause, there is no better choice to hoist the lauded award at this weekend’s ESPYS.