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Hawks star Trae Young’s savage 2-word response to Kevin Durant swap idea with Nets

Hawks, Trae Young, Kevin Durant, Nets

Atlanta Hawks guard Trae Young couldn’t help but call out a reporter for his ridiculous trade suggestion of swapping him and Brooklyn Nets superstar Kevin Durant.

After being informed of the rule that the Nets cannot get Bam Adebayo in a trade with the Miami Heat because the big man is on designated rookie extension, Bill Simmons proceeded to propose the idea of a Young-Durant swap between Atlanta and Brooklyn.

After all, the Hawks already have a new guard on their side in Dejounte Murray. It wouldn’t hurt to explore trading Young, right?

Well, the problem for Bill Simmons is he forgot that Young is also on a designated rookie extension–which means the Hawks cannot trade him to the Nets, who already have a player on the designated rookie extension in Ben Simmons.

After the reporter made the same mistake twice, Young took to Twitter to react to the ridiculous proposal and the hilarious error.

To be fair, trading Trae Young for Kevin Durant doesn’t seem an idea the Hawks will entertain even if the guard is available for trade.

Ice Trae is just 23 years old and still far from his prime years, and he definitely has a bright future in Atlanta. Besides, he has already brought the team as far as the East Finals.

On the other hand, while the 33-year-old Durant remains a potent scorer, teams will have concerns how long he can remain effective as he continues to age.

Any team would want Durant on their side for sure, but for the Hawks, it doesn’t appear like they would want to part ways with Young for KD.