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VIDEO: Trae Young shrugs off Dwight Howard takedown with gym bro move

Trae Young, Hawks

Atlanta Hawks superstar Trae Young has been unbothered by all the physicality in their seven-game series against the Philadelphia 76ers. On Sunday, in an all-important Game 7 duel, Young went on to troll the entire city of Philadelphia by doing a full set of push-ups in the second quarter after he saw himself hit the floor once again after another hard foul.

Check out Young’s quick HIIT after the Dwight Howard foul in the second quarter (via Hoop District):

Young was at the wrong end of a huge tackle from Howard in transition. The Hawks point guard was trying to draw a foul and knew that Howard was trailing him so he stopped on a dime and try and garner some contact. Unfortunately, the Sixers center’s 6’10” frame going full speed was way too much for Young’s physique to handle and the contact had him hitting the floor.

But, Young quickly shrugged his shoulders and went on to do some push-ups to let everyone know that he’s got some muscle in him.

The 22-year-old has been quite the villain in his first-ever post-season stint. After getting into the nerves of New York Knicks fans in the first round, there has been no love lost between the fiery star and the City of Brotherly Love. Look for Young to keep his foot on the gas in Game 7 and for the entire city of Philadelphia right on his back.