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Hawks’ Trae Young won’t stop nutmegging, even if Trevor Ariza is mad about it

Trae Young, Trevor Ariza

Trae Young has cooked plenty of NBA players with his silky handle and his extensive range, snatched his share of ankles, and even made the nutmeg a fun play since guys like Allen Iverson, Jason Williams, and Tim Hardaway popularized it during their playing days.

The Atlanta Hawks point man recently picked a veteran to make his latest victim, going through the legs of Trevor Ariza before the Portland Trail Blazers wing checked him with a hard blocking foul.

Ariza’s reaction was new, considering many others have been left stunned by Young’s pizzazz on the basketball court. Ariza had some choice words for the second-year player, but Young won’t stop having fun with his game just because Ariza took offense to it.

“Nah, I ain’t about to stop nutmegging,” said Young, according to Chris Kirschner of The Athletic. “That’s going to be in my game until I’m done.”

Young admitted he knew Ariza was rattled and he planned to go between his legs way before that possession.

“If you watch the play before, I got a floater. He said something coming down the floor, got mad, and that was part of my excitement,” said Young. “When I came back down, I knew what I was about to do. I threw it between his legs.”

Young’s brash and fun-loving style of play is one of the few reasons non-locals tune in to watch Hawks games, even if they’ve lost at a heavy rate this season. To take away that joy due to Ariza’s reaction would be criminal for a young team on the rise.

For what it’s worth, Young and Ariza reconciled after the game, letting bygones be bygones in what many can attest was part of the ebb and flow of the game.