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Vince Carter reveals his family played a big role in decision to return to Hawks

Hawks, Vince Carter

Vince Carter will be playing in the NBA for a record-breaking 22nd season, which is also going to be his last. However, instead of joining a championship contender, Vinsanity decided to re-sign with the Atlanta Hawks.

The Hawks are not a championship-caliber team at the moment, but for Carter, returning to Atlanta is more than just basketball — it’s about his family.

“It’s a great opportunity. The big picture of it all, I can still work on life after basketball, broadcasting and just being around that,” Carter said on Winging It Podcast, per Chris Vivlamore of The Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

“Close to family. My daughter is now a high schooler so – I don’t talk about my daughter much but she is a high schooler and playing varsity. She is a freshman but she’s playing varsity volleyball so I get a chance to watch her. On off days, I’ll probably make that trip to Charlotte a couple times to watch her play. It all makes sense. For me, I just want it to make sense. If there was a great opportunity elsewhere, I definitely would look into it but I just wanted it all to fit. When you are going into your last year, you just want it to be a smooth ride, for everyone really.”

Carter’s nine-year-old daughter, Kai Michelle Carter, is the captain of the Mainland High School volleyball varsity team, and this is part of her childhood that VC doesn’t want to miss. He wants to be sure that he helps her kid grow up not only as a better athlete but as a better person in general.

Carter has plans to join the media industry after he’s done playing in the NBA, and for someone who has been in the league for as long, he’ll definitely find a spot anywhere as a sportscaster or as an analyst. However, that’s a story for another day. Right now, he’s just focused on playing his final year and spending more time with his family.

The NBA has seen a lot of veterans end their careers by joining the team that gave them the best chance of winning a title, but it’s obvious Carter is different.