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Chris Bosh goes inside the huddle right before Heat comeback in Game 6 of 2013 NBA Finals


Everyone remembers the shot. Ray Allen slowly slinks into the corner, rises up, and drains a championship-altering three-point shot. But people don’t give enough credit to the man who made it happen – Chris Bosh.

Without his offensive rebound and the presence of mind to get the ball to Ray, so many of the league’s storylines could have been written differently.

Chris Bosh recently released his own written newsletter entitled “The Last Chip”.

In his first piece, Bosh detailed the moments leading up to the historic three that changed the game and their team’s legacy forever.

Here’s an excerpt from his first release:

I still remember standing in the huddle at the end of the game. Everyone was quiet. Thousand-yard stares. The trophy was being wheeled out. They started putting up ropes around the court. Even some of our fans headed for the exits, because The Spurs were up by five with 28 seconds left. D’s knee was hurt. We were a few missed shots away from losing it all. I remember thinking, “Holy shit. Oh no.”

Not only did Bosh grab that rebound and make the winning assist, but he also made the game-saving block against Danny Green.


Bosh credits his wife for keeping his hopes alive. He remembers turning to her direction inside a packed American Airlines Arena and seeing her still full of energy. Because she believed, he still believed he says.

If LeBron James or Dwyane Wade catch wind of this story, they better send over a gift basket for Mrs. Bosh. It’s the least they could do.