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Dion Waiters had panic attack on team plane after taking THC edible

Heat, Dion Waiters

The Miami Heat are zeroing in on making the playoffs this year, but they suffered a hiccup when Dion Waiters was nowhere to be seen during the team’s loss to the Los Angeles Lakers. The team at first didn’t reveal the reason for Waiters not being present during the game.

However, Brian Windhorst reported that the reason for his absence was a drug-induced panic attack.

What Waiters took was an edible containing THC. Waiters took it due to the stomachache he was suffering from that caused him to miss the Heat’s game against the Phoenix Suns. He experienced some relief but apparently had too much of the substance that it incapacitated him from playing. The league bans THC, and the Heat declined to comment on the incident.

This latest debacle only adds to the already-established tension that has been in place between the disgruntled guard and the Heat. They have suspended Waiters during the first games of the season due to his comments on social media regarding his diminishing role with the Heat. He has also missed time during the preseason due to personal reasons.

The compounding effect of his offenses will not only have an adverse effect on Waiters’ playing time. He’s also set to lose $1.2 million in bonuses if he misses four more games this season. If the league does slap him with a multiple-game suspension for his actions, he can kiss his money goodbye.

No one knows how the Dion Waiters situation will end. The memory of him carrying the Heat a couple of years ago is already down the drain. The possibility of him not having a team by the end of this season becomes ever the more possible.