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Dwyane Wade gives special thank you to Miami employees at AmericanAirlines Arena

Dwayne Wade, heat

After 15 wonderful years with the Miami Heat organization, Dwyane Wade’s storied career officially came to a close about a week ago. The 37-year-old definitely has a lot of people to thank for helping him become who he is today, but being the genuine man that he is, Wade did not forget to show his appreciation to the employees of Miami’s AmericanAirline’s arena.

Anthony Chiang of the Miami Herald¬†detailed how Wade surprised the staff of the Heat’s home arena by dedicating several hours of his day solely for their purpose.

As a surprise to those working within the organization, Wade addressed the entire staff during a meeting and then took individual photos with employees and signed autographs. The line of those waiting for photos and autographs took about 2.5 hours for Wade to complete.

Wade made sure that nobody was left out, as he reportedly saw to it that he would be able to hand his autograph and snap a picture with every single employee of the arena.

This is a very endearing and classy move from the three-time NBA champion and Heat legend, as he did not fail to recognize all the hard work these people put in to ensure that we all enjoy watching the game — be it live inside the arena or via our television sets or mobile devices.

Wade has certainly been making the most of his retirement, as he also recently shared a video of himself enjoying a bottle of wine on the golf course. Go on and live your best life, Dwyane, you truly deserve it.