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Hassan Whiteside lost 10 pounds during knee injury recovery

Hassan Whiteside, heat

Recovering from injuries is never an easy task for any player. Hassan Whiteside found out for himself just that while rehabbing from a bruised knee that kept him sidelined for 13 games. The Miami Heat center is still struggling to regain his conditioning even after four games back and continues to work on returning to his old form.

Whiteside shared that he was riding a stationary bike and also ran on the treadmill while recovering but admitted it’s different than playing in an actual game. He then added, via Tom D’Angelo of the Palm Beach Post, that he even lost 10 pounds in a month as a result to burning a lot of calories.

Whiteside said he lost 10 pounds, down to 255, during the month he was rehabbing.

“I can run on the treadmill and ride a bike all day,” Whiteside said. “It’s a lot different than minutes in an actual game.”

“I come in, I ride 10 to 13 miles on a bike. … run in the pool and then I come in later at night time and do pretty much the same thing,” he said. “Those calories you’re burning them up.”

The Heat are currently in seventh place in the Eastern Conference with a 20-17 record which is not bad at all considering the injuries to their key players that they had to deal with. With Hassan Whiteside back, the Heat are hoping he can regain his old form quickly in order to have a dominant force inside the paint that they badly need.

In the past couple of seasons, Whiteside has proven that he is one of the better centers in the league when he’s healthy. That said, if he can play at the same level he was at prior to his injury, it will be a huge boost for the Heat and will definitely help them gain some ground to move up the standings in their conference.

After missing out on the playoffs last year due to a tiebreaker, they know how painful it is and it could serve as extra motivation for them to perform better this season with the help of Hassan Whiteside, of course.