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Heat news: Hassan Whiteside is having fun trying to learn Spanish

Hassan Whiteside

Besides working on his basketball skills, Miami Heat center Hassan Whiteside is also trying to improve on another area: his Spanish.

The 28-year-old has been taking a Rosetta Stone course at home for the past two months, and as one would expect from the big man, he documented the experience of learning Spanish on Snapchat.

Just by looking at the clip, it’s safe to say Whiteside is having fun learning a new language. However, he didn’t deny that it’s also quite challenging.

โ€œMan, I should have just stuck to watching novelas and watching โ€œDora the Explorerโ€ and listening to Aventura,” Whiteside said. โ€œI should have just stuck with that. I would have learned Spanish faster. Iโ€™m not going to lie to yaโ€™ll.โ€

Playing at Miami, where more than half of the population is Hispanic, it’s no wonder why Whiteside is trying to learn the language. It should also be noted that his girlfriend is of Colombian descent, which certainly serves as an extra motivation for him to take up Spanish lessons.

As Whiteside admitted, however, he might need a little more time to get better at speaking the new language. Though, Heat fans and the internet would certainly forgive him if he keeps sharing his hilarious experiences on Snapchat.