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Heat star Jimmy Butler reacts to Big Face Coffee’s competition

Jimmy Butler, Heat

Miami Heat star Jimmy Butler may have thought he had a monopoly on freshly brewed coffee in the bubble.

Turns out, a more affordable rival has now popped up in Disney World, and his competition is a fellow member of the Heat organization.

Earlier in the bubble, Butler opened Big Face Coffee in his hotel room, cornering the market in response to the limited coffee options available to the players. He brought his own French press, pour-over and grinder to Orlando, and his teammates began offering a peek into Jimmy Butler’s small business. Butler has been showing up to playoff games in Big Face merch.

The only problem: Jimmy Butler’s prices are steep. He charges $20 for a cup, and $50 for two smalls, according to Bam Adebayo, and it’s cash only.

“You can’t get coffee nowhere here,” Butler told ESPN. “So I might bump it up to 30 bucks a cup. People here can afford it.”

Certainly his teammates can overpay for a solid cup of joe, and they have been.¬†Goran Dragic is a regular cappuccino consumer, while Udonis Haslem is an espresso guy. Butler also whips up a vanilla latte “with love,” he told ESPN’s Malik Andrews.

As strong as Jimmy Butler’s barista game may be, that price tag isn’t as easy for team employees who aren’t on multi-million dollar contracts. Brandon Gilliam, Miami’s assistant athletic trainer, identified the need for a cheaper option.

“My poor video coordinator, he can’t afford that,” Gilliam told Andrews. “He is up all hours of the night, breaking down all sorts of film. I am just trying to keep him going.”

Without telling Butler, Gilliam opened a rival coffeeshop, Little Face Coffee, from his hotel room, using his own French press.

Gilliam’s business model: keep it simple. Each cup costs $5, and the first one is free.

His tagline? “The Best Little Coffee Shop in the Bubble. It’s All About the Grind.”

“I tell [Butler], ‘You’re the high frills, you make mochaccinos and frappe-lattes,'” Gilliam said. “‘I am just black-coffee, man. So let me have my little world down there.'”

Jimmy Butler doesn’t seem too threatened by the competition, though.

“Ain’t no one going over there to Little Face Coffee,” he cracked. “It’s all about Big Face.”

While Butler and Gilliam may be competing in the coffee game, it’s not affecting their working relationship.

“It just goes to show how close we are as a team, as a staff, that we have so much fun with all of it,” Butler said. “We got a little competition, but it’s all fun and games. Now, I make way more money than he does over at Little Face Coffee, you should know that. Big Face is still the one. But you know, it’s all love.”

Jimmy Butler and the Heat will have another chance to advance to the NBA Finals on Sunday.

Spite may not be motivating factor for this rivalry, but Larry David would still approve.