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Heat star Jimmy Butler smartly avoids tampering in discussing All-Star Kyle Lowry

Heat, Jimmy Butler, Kyle Lowry

In case you didn’t know, Miami Heat star Jimmy Butler is really good friends with Kyle Lowry. As a matter of fact, the Toronto Raptors guard is actually one of the godfathers of Butler’s daughter.

In a recent interview, Butler discussed his relationship with Lowry. The Heat star was very careful with his words though, as he clearly did not want to receive a hefty fine from the league for tampering:

“Probably Kyle Lowry,” Butler responded when asked who his favorite person to go against is. “Just ’cause he’s one of my absolute best friends. He’s a godfather of my daughter. As competitive as he is, we’re always laughing, we’re always joking around. I want to say something else but the NBA is gonna look at this and be like, ‘Oh my god, it’s tampering,’ so I’m just going to leave it.”

It’s hard not to wonder what Butler wanted to say about Lowry here. Perhaps he has long been hoping to team up with the six-time All-Star point guard? If this is the case then Butler was definitely smart about not saying it out loud. With how stringent the NBA has been with its anti-tampering policy, a simple statement such as that could have burned quite a hole in Butler’s pocket.

On our end, however, we’re completely free to speculate. It’s no secret that the Raptors tried (and failed) to move Lowry prior to this season’s trade deadline. He’s also on an expiring deal and is set to become a free agent in the offseason. Could Kyle Lowry be taking his talents to South Beach soon? We’ll see. I’m pretty sure Jimmy Butler would love to see that happen.