Jimmy Butler isn't fazed by many things. The Miami Heat frontman looked completely poised in Game 7 against the Boston Celtics on Monday night.

But one thing did force Jimmy Butler to lose focus that evening: a bumblebee. While answering questions about the Heat's looming matchup against the Denver Nuggets, he suddenly paused to pay his respects to a bee fluttering around during the press conference.

“Oh my god, y'all saw that?” Jimmy Butler asked the reporters gathered for the Heat-Celtics Game 7 presser. “God damn bumblebee.”

Jimmy Butler went from being mesmerized by the bumblebee to zoned in on the question again in a snap. The Heat star may have gotten sidetracked a bit there for a second, but not even a flying insect with a stinger was going to distract him for long.

“We get to enjoy this until midnight .. then it's time to lock in on the Nuggets,” said Butler.

The Heat had a lot to celebrate. Beyond Miami making the NBA Finals, they also managed to avoid some ignominious history by evading the distinction of being the first team to ever blow a 3-0 lead in the playoffs. They also become just the second 8-seed to make the Finals, and the first one to do so during a full 82-game season.

But it's clear that making the NBA Finals isn't enough for the Heat. They've been the underdog in every series thus far and this time is no different. The Nuggets are the favorites, but don't ever count a Jimmy Butler led side out.