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VIDEO: Tyler Herro turns shotmaking up to 11 on back-to-back unreal buckets for Heat

Tyler Herro Heat

Tyler Herro can get buckets. The 21-year-old Miami Heat star possesses a ton of weapons on the offensive end, and he showcased a couple of them on Friday against the Minnesota Timberwolves.

Herro got hot late in the third quarter as finished this strong move to the basket over three Wolves defenders (h/t Heat on Twitter):

On the replay you can see that Herro received a bit of a nudge from Anthony Edwards as he rose up for the lay-in. The Heat guard absorbed the contact and was still able to finish the play for the deuce. That could have easily been an and-1 play and Herro himself seemed to have intimated the same as he made his way to the opposite side of the court.

Herro was far from done. Not long after, he hit a tough fadeaway jumper with the Heat having just a few seconds remaining on the shot clock:

Coach Erik Spoelstra drew up this inbound play for Herro, who responded accordingly. The Heat stud knew exactly what he was going to do as soon as he received the pass and he executed it to perfection. The referee blew his whistle this time around as Herro drew the foul for a slick and-1 play.

Miami Heat fans need no reminder that Tyler Herro can get buckets.